Let's go to high-speed Britain

In the world of construction, Carillion, Eiffage and Kier need little introduction. We're design and construction services firms known for our Capability, Experience and Knowledge. In short, we're CEK, and we'd like to introduce you to our joint venture.

We've come together to support HS2's mission to link London to the north via high speed rail. In this way, we will help to regenerate communities, to redefine economic boundaries and to rebalance Britain.

Read on and see for yourself why we're right to be part of the transformation of the UK's rail network.

Let's go to our team

CEK bring together a hand-picked team of experts. That means expert practitioners from the construction industry, covering: design, safe delivery, sustainability, training, skills and development. We bring a highly-trained worldwide workforce, and a track record that runs deep in terms of rail construction. Each of us has already delivered, or is currently delivering, high-speed rail here and abroad. And we will bring innovation and success to this challenging project.

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Let's go to our journey

Carillion, Eiffage and Kier share a commitment to building for the future. And when it comes to HS2, we are already pulling in the same direction. We aim to share part of this amazing journey to deliver a better infrastructure and to enable more connected communities.

Like most teams, we like to let our work speak for us. But it's worth saying a few words about each of us in turn:

Carillion is a leading integrated support services company with a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and extensive construction capabilities. The Group had annual revenue in 2014 of some £4.1bn (approx. €5.7bn), employs around 42,000 people and operates across the UK, in the Middle East and Canada.

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Eiffage is one of Europe's leading construction and concessions companies. The Group's activities are organised as seven business lines: construction, real estate, roads, civil engineering, structural steel, energy and concessions. Thanks to the experience of more than 66,000 employees, Eiffage generated revenues of €14bn in 2014, including 16 percent outside France.

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Kier Group is a leading integrated property, residential, construction and services group operating across a range of sectors including defence, education, housing, industrial, power, transport and utilities. The group employs over 24,000 people worldwide and with a turnover of £3.2bn (approx. €4.2bn).

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CEK is keen to share knowledge. We also know we share values. Above all we share an appetite for a challenge and a capable approach to complex engineering. That’s proven. And together you could say we're three times as strong.

When HS2 was only just on the horizon, many in our team were ensuring that HS1 phase2 track and power could bring the journey to the Channel tunnel up to speed.

Continental High Speed Rail:
With the success of the Perpignan to Figueras and the Bretagne to Pays de la Loire high speed railways, we have end-to-end experience of high speed links.

Currently busy delivering Europe’s biggest and most complex rail project, building stations and tunnels under central London.


Working together

If you're reading this, we already want to team up. CEK is not content to work across our JV. We also plan to operate hand in hand with HS2 Ltd, hand in hand with our suppliers, and hand in hand with the communities where we will be working. But it's also about bringing jobs and opportunities to local people. It is, above all, an exciting journey to share.

Working towards a legacy

Our final destination is clear: the delivery of HS2, on time, on budget and on good terms with the stakeholders up and down the line. When the London-Birmingham line opens in 2026 it will redefine our economy, our geography, and our two leading cities. So it goes without saying that to be awarded this business will redefine CEK. Our goal is a high speed network that will be admired by rail users the world over.

Gaël Arnaud / photothèque Eiffage


HS2 and the future

We're optimistic about our future, because we're optimistic about HS2. This is a project with connection at its heart, with enterprise in its spirit, and with economic growth in its sights. It's a long-term aim, but our efforts right now could transform the UK, bringing people from the North, South and the Midlands even closer together. Our efforts could transform the opportunities for jobseekers, providing apprenticeships and new skills. CEK will bring effective engineering solutions, modern processes and best practice from right now, to 2026 and beyond.


Ask us anything

If you want to know more about CEK and our bid for HS2, drop us a line.

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